collaborate with Branch Collective

We are constantly in search of artists, audiences, art supporters, local businesses and community members to work with. If you have an idea of how we can work together that is not listed here, please reach out to us at We would LOVE to hear from you! Email us at


> Volunteer

Branch Collective relies on a network of art supporters and community members who volunteer to support our goals and programming. We are always in search of awesome folks to work with whether you are responding to a call out or reaching out to offer your time in support of the dance community. We are always on the search for volunteers to host artists who travel to Sudbury from out of town, poster distribution, assist with fundraising events and the production of a range of programming. Email us!

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> Multidisciplinary collaborations + exchanges

A big part of our work is to connect dance with other forms. To date Branch Collective has collaborated and hired graphic designers, musicians and photographers. Regardless of your form, we would love the opportunity to collaborate with you. If dance is something that you have an interest or curiosity in, please get in touch with us for the brainstorming of how we can work together to begin! Email us!

> presenter / art institution

As Branch Collective continues to connect with dance artists both local and not local to Northern Ontario, our network and understanding of the Canadian dance landscape is growing. If you work with or represent a school, performance company or theatre that is interested in presenting dance in a performance, class or a contractual context, we would love to get in touch. Branch Collective is interested in helping dance artists connect with a range of platforms and available to consider partnering on projects that maintain our mission, mandate and goals. Email us!

> write a blog post

The blog space on this website is a platform for anyone to add their thoughts, opinions, commentary and experiences to the ongoing conversations around art, dance, performance and community. These conversations often happen between us and a magazine article, in safe social spaces and behind closed doors. Branch Collective considers our blog to be a space for best current thinking, a concept taught to our team by Julie Balen, a generous and empowering educator. We would love contributions from the greater community (artists and non-artists alike) to share their best current thinking in a way that contributes to conversations occurring in all spaces. Email us your idea for a blog or completed blog to get started.



dance community survey

Branch Collective’s programming is based on the collaborative conversations and meetups that take place between the collective members and the community. To date we have been calling “team meeting” meetups at coffee shops downtown and circulating emails to community leaders asking for feedback and the chance to talk about their perspective on the community.

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Below you will find a survey to provide ANYONE the opportunity to contribute ideas, thoughts, feedback, or barriers to Branch Collective on either the dance community as a whole or your personal practice. We deeply appreciate each person who has contributed their perspective to direct our efforts and reinforce the collaborative spirit Branch Collective aims to work in.

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What would you like to see more of in the dance community?
Options given to share ideas that have been previously identified.
Please clarify selections you made above with more detail or write what you would like to see in the space below.